The Best Photography Spots in Tokyo?

Tokyo offers limitless imagination and locations to explore, every corner in the city can be captured into a great memory. Let me share some of my favorite light hunting spots and what to expect from each location. Feel free to contact me if I can help with anything.

NOSTALGIA: Back in the good old Tokyo

Recommendation: Yanaka, Shimbashi, Yurakucho 

This is on top of my personal favorite list of photography in Tokyo. Regardless of how modern the city may have been portrayed, those tiny alleys and buildings full of Showa feel & smell still exist around the city. I am continuously on a quest to find those nostalgia spots. Although there are many more locations which offer the similar vibe, for first time visitors, those three locations give a good summary with an easy access from anywhere in Tokyo. Yanaka (谷中) is good for a day stroll with lots of temples, small shops and narrow alleys left untouched from WWII. Whereas Shimbashi (新橋) and Yurakucho (有楽町) have some similar vibe and are not too far from each other, they are the so-called 'Salarymen's Playground'. You'd better off visiting these two areas during weekdays evening while salarymen & women are hanging out and unwinding after a hard day of work. There will be a lot of street photography opportunities as well as interesting subjects as you cruise thru the yakitori (skewered chicken) alleys, micro bars, many great restaurants as well as some adult entertainment.


SHINJUKU: Heaven for Night Photography

FASHION CAPITAL: Style tells it all

recommendAtion: Harajuku, Omotesando, Daikanyama