Private Photo Walk by Local Tokyo Street Photographer

THe best travel photography EXPERIENCE to explore hidden tokyo

Join me on an epic photographic journey, I will help you create amazing photos with your own story while embracing the vibe of Tokyo. Get tips for photographing different subjects, sharpen your skills and perspectives to elevate an average tourist photo to be something you will be very proud of. Together we will discover the city landmarks,  local life, back streets as well as lesser known spots to tourists.The most important goal is for you to have FUN. My photo walk caters to all levels of experience and focus on the creative usage of what you have, whether a mobile camera, compact or high-end DSLR. I recommend taking a photo walk at the beginning of your trip so that you can use the techniques later on.

Take Better Travel Photo

On a brief visit to Tokyo and want the most unique photograph to take home? Do your travel photos never turn out as you expect? I am a travel- maniac myself where I have done a round-the-world trip and visited nearly 40 countries up to date (still counting), so I have a lot to offer from my own trials and errors.

Beyond Tourist Postcard

Explore not only the well known locations, but also the back streets and areas that you might not otherwise have found. Tokyo will be our playground, with its rich diversity and unique character, you will have a great time and walk away inspired by photography and in love with Tokyo.

Down to Earth- Executive Class

Fully private and customized to meet your expectation and schedule. Be it a group of friends, couple, solo traveler or even a stop over. Outside of photography, I interact with executives on a daily basis for my professional work, so I know a wide range of locations, restaurants and places to suit all types of visitors.