The Best Tokyo Vacation Photographer

Traveling with family, friends or loved one? let's document your great journey and turn it into a timeless memory

Hi! My name is Kan and I am a vacation/ travel photographer based in Tokyo. Originally from Thailand, I was educated in New Zealand and Japan. Tokyo has been my home for over a decade, where I capture the city light during the day and chase neon light during the night. 

The best souvenir for your trip to share with the loved ones! You deserve much more than taking a photo with a selfie stick or passing your valuable camera to a stranger; leave the hard work to me while you enjoy every moment of your journey and take home beautiful timeless memories from Tokyo.

Tips: Taking Great Photos during Cherry Blossom Season

The Perfect Surprise Proposal in Tokyo


Rate starts from US$220, please contact for more details

Perfect for Every Occasion

Pre wedding with loved one, surprise proposal, sweet honeymoon, travel with friends, holiday with family, or just simply documenting your journey in Tokyo with only little time to spare? No worries, my session starts from a minimum of 1 hour to accommodate your busy schedule. 

personally edited

Every shoot is unique, so why apply the same settings for everything? Unlike some photographers and travel platforms that apply the same presets for every situation, I will personally edit each picture, tailoring the setting to each and every situation, ensuring that my vision is translated in each picture. Your picture will be unique to you only.

quick turnaround

Get your photo while still on vacation to share with your loved ones quickly! By limiting the number of clients I take each week, I aim for quick turnaround as short as 24 hours after the shoot* while maintaining quality of the edits.

* T&C applies

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