Revisiting Taipei, Taiwan

It was 15+ years ago when I first visited Taipei, I didn't take any photo at all at that time but always remember the food was great in Taipei. This time the weather forecast didn't look too good prior to the departure as we were anticipating rain and thunder storm on 1st and 2nd day. Somehow the weather turned around and it didn't rain that much on 2nd day followed by reasonably sunny day for the rest of the trip. 

Our plan in Taipei was simple: eat, eat and eat.  During our stay in Taipei, we probably ate 5 times/ day depending on what we ran into on the street. One thing I love about Taipei is the ease to hail a cab and how affordable, polite & reliable they are (except the only one grumpy driver we had around Longshan temple area). Besides what's written on a tourist guidebook as well as a good break from Taiwanese dishes, the best restaurant of the trip I would recommend is Mume. Modern, European fusion, good atmosphere for drinks or dinner and above all, food is great. Taste it for yourself. if you have a chance to visit Taipei. Another great experience to share is staying at W Taipei: really awesome staff, funky environment and good location, period. Rather than hanging around Taipei, we also visited Jiufen and Pingxi where they are well known for sky lanterns and the nostalgia atmosphere. 

Taipei Street Scene, think it was around 中山

The holy-grail Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市)

The Keeper of Longshan Temple (龍山寺)

Double Dragon, Maokong (貓空)

Vibrant Night around Jiufen (九份)

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