Colors of the Night (Hua-Hin & Bangkok, Thailand)

The more you are away from home, the more you appreciate the precious little time when you have a chance to be back. It's interesting how I see my hometown "Hua-Hin" differently when I walk around with a camera. The city where I used to live for years is becoming even more exciting seeing thru viewfinder and lens. Similarly with Bangkok, it's fun to be a tourist in your own country and see things the way tourists do.

Since there is not much happening during the day in Hua-Hin, I decided to wander around at night photographing both tourist and non-tourist scenes. The most obvious place to start is Hua-Hin Night Market.

This is where the evening begins, you can find all sorts of commodity, food, clothes, etc., Hua-Hin Night Market

Great place to feel the vibe of the city or pick up some souvenirs, Hua-Hin Night Market

I find the small neighborhood around the fresh market (near train tracks) quite refreshing as I can really document the local life not seen by many tourists.

Alteration shop, an old-school home factory fixing/ customizing clothes

Colors in the darkness after everyone shuts down the store at the end of the day

Original Hua-Hin resident around the market area. People usually make use of the space of 1st floor as shop, garage etc. and they sleep on the upper floor

Walking down to the beer bar street and alleys around Hilton Hotel, the scene becomes more lively as foreign tourists cluster in the area, many restaurants, countless bars and massage shops.

Street B-Boys stop the traffic with a boom box and breaks

Amazing colors around beer bar area

Moving on to Bangkok, it was actually my first time staying in Sukhumvit area (as my house in Bangkok is in the outskirt of the city), so walking around with a camera like a tourist and visiting a red-light district were really fun. These photos do not represent Thais/ Thailand as a whole, I capture and share them strictly for an artistic purpose, not to promote any of the businesses or individuals.

Feels like another world, Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

This is literally a Red-Light District, Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

The area is not so big, but there is a cluster of bars and establishments along the alley

Street Bar, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Interesting to see how the business district during the day turns into the night entertainment headquarters at night, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Bangkok China Town (AKA Yaowarat Road) is also a great spot for night photography. It's always busy, colorful and has unlimited supply of good food!

The atmosphere that I really miss, not to mention about food

Fish belly soup stall, Yaowat Road, Bangkok

Beautiful Thai durians, an enemy of your diet program!