Footprint on Jeju Island, South Korea

Having been in Japan for many years, It feels really colorful in Korea, there is a strong sense of colors on everywhere: fashion on the street, signage, buildings, etc. I really had a great time visiting and shooting around Jeju Island, a popular vacation spot and honeymoon destination for Koreans. The place is great for nature & outdoor activities, a drive along the coast, and above all, affordable, tasty seafood. After 2 days/ nights, we had a brief stay in Seoul before returning home. 

Topokki vendor by the beautiful beach in Jeju Island

Dried squid street vendor, Jeju Island

Jeju offers several nature attractions, notably Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Jeongbang Falls and Mangjanggul Cave. Places are quite far apart from one another, it is a good idea to hire a taxi for the whole day, we used Jeju Taxi Tour KJ. Although he is fluently versed in English, we had no problem communicating with him. Importantly he will provide extra service to guide your photo pose at each location, we are too embarrassed to post it here.

Pink lady, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Yellow lady in canola flowers field

Nearby Jeongbang Falls, there are a few old ladies/ ajumma setting up a large tent where they sell fresh seafood. Make your pick and she will cut them up right onto your plate. Many interesting creatures we didn't get to try, but seems many Koreans were having a great meal there.

Fresh seafood ajumma, Jeongbang Falls- the only waterfall is Asia that falls directly into the ocean

Jeju Folk Village, the site where many famous Kdramas  took place including Daejanggeum series

We picked Jeju Shilla Stay Hotel as our base, it is located in the center of shopping street giving an easy access on foot to the local restaurants. To get a taste of street scene and souvenirs, Jeju Dongmun traditional market is a good place to explore for a couple of hours. You can buy anything from Jeju oranges to fresh seafood and Korean spices.

More chili than you need, Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market

Colors are just everywhere, Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market

I have noticed that many Koreans like to wear red, Jeju street photography

Then we returned to Seoul on 3rd day, after wandering around Myeongdong and Hongdae, we had a great Korean bbq dinner at Sariwon, the only complaint was we had to order for a minimum of two-serving portion so we couldn't try many different type of meat. 

Lone diner, Myeongdong Street photography, Seoul

Street scene around Hongdae area, Seoul

Hongdae is a great place for street photography in Seoul

Cheonggyucheon-ro canal at night in Seoul

Late night snack, local street food stall around Dongdaemun market, Seoul