Shinjuku Golden Gai Summer Evening Thanksgiving

An usual event at an usual place 'Golden Gai' to celebrate a summer evening where most stores in the area participate and set up a stall in front of their shop. On the night, most bars open their door for anyone to enjoy and taste what Golden Gai is like.

Although it was raining hard that night, there were still quite a number of people enjoying the event and having fun despite the bad weather.

The event is usually held around the end of August, mark your calendar for next year! Otherwise I think they should do this event every month!

Entrance of Kabukicho looks more colorful with rain reflections

Typical clientele, they seem to have a good night out

Refreshing to see Golden Gai in a festival atmosphere

One of the 'neighborhood bosses' 

Waitress of one of the bars passing by, great combination with the picture on the wall

Interesting character

The only night everyone gets to enter most bars and easily mingle with the locals

Many people having drinks and dancing in this small space where they set up a mini game booth and drink stall