Rin | Charles (Pre-Wed)


Celebrating my 1st blogging experience with my 1st pre wedding shooting (^o^)v I have known Rin & Charles for several years thru a graduate school, they're planning their big day in May 2013. The moment Rin asked me to take their pre wedding photo, I didn't even think about it and simply agreed (while having some ideas popped up in my head). We set out on a good Sunday and picked a few memorial spots for the couple. We started a day around 10-ish and headed to the river bank near Rin's apartment, then the shooting began....


'Beginning of the Journey'- Leica M-E with Summicron35/2 ASPH

After a few good shots and sun burn, we moved to Ginza as Rin & Charles wanted. In the afternoon on every weekend, the road in Ginza turns into a walking street where pedestrians sit, walk a dog, or just stroll along the luxury neighborhood.

 Image L9998649

'Hush'- Leica M-E with Canon 85/1.8 LTM

Ginza is always vibrant with fabulous shop displays and tourists, I felt bad for the couple as they were posting in the middle of the road surrounded by a tourist army, local shoppers, strangers...and a very cold wind ;(

We then looked for the greenery and a little but of Japanese touch, Hamarikyu Garden in Shiodome provided a superb spot for our shooting.


'Violently in Love'- Leica M-E with Sonnetar 50/1.1

More photos from the park, it was such a lovely day to attract colours from the nature (:

L9998714 L9998718

Image  L9998771

'Reconciled'- Leica M-E with Sonnetar 50/1.1


'Serene'- Leica M-E with Summicron 35/2 ASPH

Rin really wanted to take their photo at Odaiba, the famous man-made island, where she & Charles usually spend their time at. As the sun started to leave the sky, without a tripod, my life was hell as I have to reply on my shaky hands...



'A Tourist Shot'- Leica M-E with Sonnetar 50/1.1

The weather was cold, we were all worn out, but there was one last spot left...The day wouldn't be completed without the scene with an Eifel-tower-like, Tokyo Tower. We decided to base ourselves and take a shot from Roppongi.


'Bubbly Dream' - Leica M-E with Summicron 35/2 ASPH


'Just the two of Us'- Leica M-E with Sonnetar 50/1.1

Before starting to do this pre wedding photo session, I thought I'd screw up a big time since I've never done it. I think the result was quite pleasing and we really had a great time. Wishing Rin & Charles a happily ever after!

 Special Thanks to Karens for your hard work with a reflector!