The Way I spent 2012


1 These are just random events/ things/ places I went/did/ visited in 2012. Some are my favorite photos whereas some are something worth recalling and remembering. Here are how I spent my 2012, how did you spend yours?

January-  I had a chance to reunite with my classmate from a high school in NZ where I was back in 1998/ 1999. Time really flies by..Great to see you, Lilly!

(M8 + Summicron 35/2 pre-ASPH V.2)

Jan Reunion

February- It was my first time going to CP+ event at Pacifico Yokohama, this is one of the major camera & stuff events being held annual. There was a photo exhibition dedicated to 3/11 incident and its aftermath. Fight Fukushima!

(iPhone 4s)

Feb CP+ 2012

March- It's month where actions started happening, the beginning of Spring. Although there are some early sakura, I particularly like this photo of Ume (plum) flower.

(M8+ Jupiter 85/2 LTM)

Mar Ume

April- This was when Spring was in a full swing and lots of things to see here and there. Despite the popular of sakura, Im gonna go with my favorite shot at Hitachi Kaihin Koen (Seaside Park). The doggy happened to sit there and I managed to take a nice snap of him/ her with pink tulips as foreground.

(M8 + Voigtlander Nokton 35/1.2 ASPH V.2)

Apr HitachiKaihin

May- It's definitely has to be the solar eclipse of May 2012. It didn't last very long but it was amazing to observe this phenomena. This picture was taken somewhere in Roppongi. Did you see it?

(M8 + Summicron 35/2 pre-ASPH V.2)

May Eclipse

June- Having watched Iris, the popular KDrama some years ago, the scene is always trapped in my head. Somehow, this year my gf and I decided to finally visit the place, Tazawa-ko in Akita prefecture. I know sooner or later, this has to be done!

(M8 + Summicron 35/2 pre-ASPH V.2)

June Tazawako

July- Upon entering of Summer, what could be better than gathering in Yoyogi Park and expressing your concerns about Nuclear power usage. The No Nuke gathering drew quite an army of supporters with a mix of rally, concert and activities to promote green power. It was said to attract 150,000 people at that evening.

(M8 + Canon 100/2 LTM)

July No Nuke

August- I didn't realize how much I enjoyed seeing this festival until I went there again this year (2013). Several happened simultaneously within this month: Asakusa Samba and Super Yosakoi; but nothing beat Koenji Awaodori. I like this photo a lot, I happened to stand where this grandpa who just finished his dance giving a high five to his grandchild, very sensational.

(M8 + Canon 50/0.95)

Aug Koenji Awaodori

September- Nothing fancy here, didn't really find lots of inspirations as there was no major happening. Managed to find some nice cosmos field in the middle of Tokyo (think this was at Hamarikyu Park in Shiodome).

(M8 + Canon 50/0.95)

Sep Cosmos

October- Might be a little early, but leaves started to change their colours. We had a chance to get some fresh air outside of Tokyo, photo was taken at Shiodamachi, Nagano-ken.

(M8 + Summicron 35/2 ASPH)

Oct Nagano

November- This is the peak of foliage in many parts of Japan, I remember cruising thru the super crowded street and zillion of people in Arashiyama last year. But it was amazing, IMO Arashiyama foliage is second to none. However, this year we happened to be in Miyajima when the timing was perfect. I would say the colours were like 70% out and the tourist army was at its peak.

(M-E + Summicron 35/2 ASPH)


December- The weather became pretty cold by this time, already said goodbye to all the summer festival, foliage, and most of outdoor fun... Well, on the other hand, it's a good opportunity to see plenty of illuminations. Somehow, Japanese are quite fond of lighting up the places in winter. This was at Toshimaen amusement park.

(M-E + Canon 50/0.95)

Nov Toshimaen