Seoul Street Photography 2018

It's probably my 5th visit to Seoul, South Korea. My wife and I enjoy Seoul a lot: great food, energetic city vibe, reasonable taxi fare, and lots of shoppings! Putting those aside, I always have a great time exploring and photographing happenings in Seoul. Let me share some thoughts and my favorite shots from the recent trip.

Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)

My kind of place, old-school, busy market, everyone getting on with their daily life. Great place to walk around and spend time chatting with local shopkeepers. 

Namdaemun Market, random restaurant

Street vendor in Namdaemun Market

Hongdae Area (홍대)

This refers to an area around Hongik University, there are lots of hip shops, restaurants, cafes and street performers. Cool visual street arts and places to hang out in the evenings. 

Shochu battle, Hongdae 2018

Lively pojangmacha in Hongdae

Hongdae Street Photograhy

Arriate cafe, Hongdae 2018

Seochon Village (서촌마을)

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Seoul located in the West side of Gyeongbokgung palace. Nice place to walk around and explore small alleys. I would vote for an interesting night photography spot in Seoul.

Daeo Book Store, the oldest book store in Seoul

Seochon Nightlife

Seoul Street Life Documentary

Seoul Street Photography, Seochon Village 2018

Mangwon-Dong (망원동)

An upcoming area, one of the newest, coolest area to hang out in Seoul! Don't miss the ultra instagram-famous Zapangi cafe!

Simple Street Life still existing around Mangwon-dong

Zapangi Cafe

Myeong-dong (명동)

Touristy place, lot of happenings on and off the street. Great place for people watching.

Cosmetics, Myeong-Dong, 2018

Nanda Laundry, Myeong-Dong 2018


I also went to several other places such as Yongma Land (an abandoned theme-park), Ihwa Mural Village (street arts/ graffiti), around Ewha Women University, Haneul Park and Samcheongdong. 3 days are way too short to capture Seoul!

Juxtaposition, Samcheongdong 2018

Ihwa Mural Village Street Photography

Haneul Park, 2018

Yongmaland, 2018


I hope you enjoy my guide to Street Photography in Seoul! If you like to have a great vacation photography session or photo walk, please drop me a line! Any comment is very welcome!