Tokyo Vacation Photographer: Capturing Your Moments

Visiting Tokyo?

There are endless places to visit and things to do in Tokyo. But in order to capture your great travel experience into timeless memories that last forever, you may like to consider having someone to document your journey. 

Tokyo Surprise Proposal, Odaiba

Why hiring a photographer in Tokyo?

Well, I am sure everyone can take their own photo during their trip, but hold on, how? Selfie stick? Tripod? Asking stranger and passing them your camera? Those would work fine, but the results may vary. On the other hand, there are a handful of professional photographers who could solve this problem. I have observed various options in Tokyo nowadays, you can simply search for a vacation photography portal/ agency that allows you to connect directly with local Tokyo photographers, or you can contact them directly via search engine. The differences are:

Tokyo Prewedding Photography, Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden

- Agency/ portal would be more reliable, trust-worthy and give you a piece of mind. Since those companies ensure you will get what you pay for within a guaranteed timeframe, you will surely get decent results in a timely manner. However, this option would be costly and may not allow flexibility to change date/ time, no. of photos you are getting, no. of locations, etc.

- Direct booking with a photographer: this is quite risky, sometimes you end up with reliable, friendly photographer who delivers work on time and in other case, you simply don't. On the bright side, you can evaluate each individual directly: their portfolio/ style, communication skill and most importantly, flexibility and no. of photos you can expect. Of course, personalized service and the quality of editing would be another benefit you can have (depending on photographer's skill).

Both options would cost you about the same amount of money, depends on what you are looking for; reliability, quality of photos; flexibility, personalized service, etc.

Tokyo Family Photography, Sarue Onshi Park

Boat ride during cherry blossom season in Tokyo, Iidabashi