Tokyo Travel Photographer: EPSON Teamlab Borderless in Odaiba

Tokyo Vacation Ideas- Digital Art Appreciation

I am usually not a big fan of this sort of event/ exhibition, but I have to admit that Teamlab Borderless is very impressive. It is digital, interactive, dynamic, surprising and many more words to describe such an experience..fill in with yours. There are several exhibitions held in Japan, the one I went to the one at Mori Building Digital Art Museum EPSON Teamlab Borderless in Odaiba (Access from Aomi Station on Yurikamome line).

Be advised that it is surely going to be crowded, so advance online ticketing is recommended. The venue is spacious with several areas to explore and discover. I am not going to spoil the fun here and let you experience it first hand. Note that the tea cafe has a great surprise, make sure you try it ;)

Online Ticketing:

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