Sorajiro Event x UN World Environment Day

I had a chance to attend and document Sorajiro event in collaboration with United Nation World Environment Day. The event was organized by Nippon Television and United Nation Environment Programme. For those who don't know Sorajiro, he is the yellow mascot who appears on Nippon Television weather forecast program. 

Sorajiro, friends and Kihara-san

The event was held at the plaza area of Nippon Television in Shiodome. There were three major parts: a play area for kids on B1F including games, mini train ride, etc.; 1F stage featuring events with TV presenters, UN personnel and mascots; and 2F Gallery showing an art display of Yodogawa Technique by Hideaki Shibata, more on this later. 

TV Presenter and Toranomon-Man

Great Collaboration between Nippon Television and United Nation Environment

About the art display, I read about the artist before arriving at the event. Yodogawa Technique was created by Hideaki Shibata and his friend where he uses rubbish and waste at the riverbank to form a piece of art. Very impressive and perfectly fits the theme of World Environment Day indeed. Learn more about Shibata-san and his technique here.

'Sarzareuo' and the Master, Hideaki Shibata, Yodogawa Technique

サザレウオ, created by plastics bottles and throw-away objects found in Maldives

Yodogawa Technique by Hideaki Shibata

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